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Shape Up Your Shopping Cart
Your Aisle-By-Aisle Guide To Fresh, Healthy Supermarket Food.
You make many of your food decisions at the supermarket, right? But supermarkets are set up to daze and confuse even the smartest shopper. That's why you're going to love Shape Up Your Shopping Cart.

It's the instant way to outsmart misleading labels ... win supermarket mind games ... overcome tricky tactics in every aisle!

With Shape Up Your Shopping Cart you'll know the most delicious, smartest, healthiest, low-cost choices.

NO more fake "healthy" foods. NO more overpaying for under-nourishing food. NO more extra pounds! You'll know what food manufacturers DON'T want you to know!

Think those Keebler Elves are cute? You might change your mind after you read about all the flour and sugar they sneaked into their Reduced Fat Club Crackers.

These food additives and dyes can makeyour kids hyperactive.

What Land O'Lakes® doesn't want you to know about their Fat Free Half & Half.

Green tea is good for you, right? Wrong. We found two brands of green tea with hardly any healthy green tea antioxidants—despite what the label might lead you to believe.

This cereal is labeled "Diabetes Friendly." But research shows that it raises blood glucose faster than table sugar!

Oatmeal is healthier than Froot Loops, right? Not necessarily, according to our research.

Toned Arms! Firm Butt! Sleek Thighs!
The Gym Isn't A Must For A Hot Body.
No, that doesn't mean you don't have to exercise. You might just find that there is an easier way to get a fitter, firmer body. Like this cool little guide that brings you 8 easy moves you can do at home ... that take just 15 minutes … and give you 1 hot body:

Bye-bye batwing arms: One of the most effective moves to firm up the flabby back part of your arms, also known as your triceps.

Rock a mini-skirt with hot legs: Firm up your thighs with moves that target the front, back and inside of your thighs. They work fast.

Lift, firm and shape your rear: This skater's move gives you a butt like Michelle Kwan's.
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